This report outlines a ‘Sustainable Finance Plan 2030’ that focuses on three key aims and objectives that should be central to the Commission’s strategy on sustainable finance.

First, the Commission should focus on increasing investment in sustainable infrastructure. It should use the current infrastructure investment gap as an opportunity to boost development and employment opportunities, shore up investor confidence in the European project, and put the EU on a pathway to sustained economic recovery whilst managing climate risk.

Second, it should look for opportunities to increase responsible investment practices. The need to address social and environmental problems should be at the heart of the financial reform agenda to enable sustainable growth.

Third, the Commission should improve climate risk disclosures. Good governance and better information can help improve corporate accountability, an enabler of inclusive prosperity.

Eight priority actions are recommended to take this forward.

This document has been developed by E3G as part of a joint initiative with 2 Degrees Investing Initiative, Ario Advisory, Carbon Tracker Initiative, ClientEarth, Climate Bonds Initiative, Climate Disclosure Standards Board, Eurosif, Future-Fit Foundation, Preventable Surprises, ShareAction, the University of Oxford  Sustainable Finance Programme and WWF.

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