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2017 Børsnoterede virksomheders rapportering om samfundsansvar

Analysis made for FSR – danske revisorer (Danish Auditor Association) about the large listed Danish companies’ non-financial reporting

Available here:





2017  TCFD = IFRS + Klimarisici

Article in the Danish auditor magazine Revision & Regnskabsvæsen, 9, page 14

Translated to English:

Original in Danish:



Eng book2015  Investor Oriented Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting, Routledge 

A textbook for auditor and financial students







CDSB publ

2014  Proposals for boundary setting in mainstream reports, CDSB

Discussion paper on organizational boundary setting by groups of companies or non-financial reporting purposes. Co-authored with Lois Guthrie (CDSB) and Becky Fell (Deloitte)






Rev & regn

“Kan CSR betale sig?” (translated: Is CSR profitable?)
Article in the Danish auditor magazine Revision & Regnskabsvæsen no 7, 2013, translated

Original in Danish to be found here:





Da book2013  Investororienteret CSR-rapportering, Karnov, Copenhagen (in Danish)

A textbook for Danish auditor and financial students.

5-star review in the Danish CSR-Magazine: