2019 Nasdaq Copenhagen, CFA Society Denmark & FSR – Danish Auditors: ESG key figures in the annual report

Through joint efforts Danish Finance Society/CFA Society Denmark, FSR – Danish Auditors and Nasdaq Copenhagen issued guidance on ESG key performance indicators in the annual report – with a bit of consultancy from Center for ESG Research.

Investors increasingly integrate ESG disclosures into their company analysis, but also face challenges, as the ESG data provided is often not standardized and comparable, data quality is poor and data can be difficult to find. Furthermore, positive and negative developments in data may not be commented and seen in context of the company’s financial performance. As a result, it can be challenging for management to rely on ESG information internally for decision-making, and such information may be of little value to the providers of financial capital.

In order to take ESG disclosures to the next level, a professionalization is needed.

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2018 – Center for ESG Research in co-work with CDSB: How can companies considering TCFD recommended scenario analysis provide disclosures that help investors: a short guide

This guide proposes a two-stage process to create key outputs from scenario analysis to be disclosed within mainstream reports that help investors in comparing and aggregating company data to portfolio-level data.

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2018 FSR – Danish Auditors analysis: Analysis of the 50 largest Danish companies’ CSR reporting

FSR – Danish Auditors hired Center for ESG Research to investigate the usability of the CSR reports of the 50 largest Danish companies – listed as well as unlisted. The analysis covers both the robustness of the reports, the connotation between the business and the sustainability activities, and not the least the use of the UN’s 17 SDGs.

Available here (Only in Danish – sorry)

2018 UNCTAD/ISAR research paper: Reporting on the Sustainable Development Goals

This research paper provides relevant inputs into UNCTAD’s work by exploring current reporting practices, from an empirical perspective by describingthe reporting practices of the global top 100 listed companies, the use of ESG indicators by ESG rating agencies and considering overarching data principles needed in order to collect comparable and useful data.

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2018 Integrated Ratio Guideline, published by Center for ESG Research

Formula-collection of ESG and integrated ratio-formula. The Integrated Ratio Guideline also holds a range of suggested standard ESG notes to ease the collection of data from the company for the investor.

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2017 Listed Companies’ Reporting on Corporate Social Responsibility

Analysis made for FSR – danske revisorer (Danish Auditor Association) about the large listed Danish companies’ non-financial reporting

Available in Danish here

Also available in English here

2017  TCFD = IFRS + Climate Risks

Article in the Danish auditor magazine Revision & Regnskabsvæsen, 9, page 14

Translated to English

Original in Danish

Eng book

2015  Investor Oriented Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting, Routledge 

A textbook for auditor and financial students

Can be found here

CDSB publ

2014  Proposals for boundary setting in mainstream reports, CDSB

Discussion paper on organizational boundary setting by groups of companies or non-financial reporting purposes. Co-authored with Lois Guthrie (CDSB) and Becky Fell (Deloitte)

To be found here

Rev & regn

“Kan CSR betale sig?” (translated: Is CSR profitable?)
Article in the Danish auditor magazine Revision & Regnskabsvæsen no 7, 2013

Translated to English here

Original in Danish to be found here

Da book2013  Investororienteret CSR-rapportering, Karnov, Copenhagen (in Danish)

A textbook for Danish auditor and financial students.

5-star review in the Danish CSR-Magazine

You can find the book here