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Bank of America: ESG is the best signal we have found for future risk

Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) factors are too critical to ignore, in our view. In our earlier report ESG: good companies can make good stocks, we found that ESG-based investing would have offered long-term equity investors substantial benefits in mitigating price risk, earnings risk and even existential risk for US stocks – ESG would have [...]

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ESG Risks and the Cross-Section of Stock Returns

This paper studies the effect of ESG risks on shareholder value, using data from RepRisk to measure the risk exposure of a firm to ESG incidents. A firm has high ESG risks when it had many ESG incidents in the past. This paper shows that a portfolio of these firms generates negative stock returns over [...]

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ESG for All? The Impact of ESG Screening on Return, Risk and Diversification

A large body of research has documented a positive relationship between different measures of sustainability — such as indicators of employee satisfaction and effective corporate governance — and corporate financial performance. Nevertheless, many investors still struggle to quantify the value of ESG to investment performance. To address this issue, the authors tested the effects of [...]

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