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ICAEW: Relevant non-financial information critical to investors

Non-financial-information must be as reliable as its financial counterpart for investors to make informed decisions, according to ICAEW. The latest report published by the body, The journey milestone 4: materiality in assuring narrative reporting, highlights the importance of assurance of non-financial information and shares tips on how to establish what is relevant. Assurance providers are [...]

The value of human capital and workforce talent

A research report entitled Reporting Human Capital. Illustrating your company's true value has been launched in London by an ad hoc partnership which includes the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA). The report has reviewed the practices of UK FTSE 100 companies when it comes to measuring and reporting on human capital issues, notably how [...]

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Corporate Governance and the Firm’s Workforce

This paper uses matched employer-employee data to study the effects of corporate governance on the earnings and composition of the firm's workforce. Stronger corporate governance is measured using the passage of shareholder-sponsored proposals to declassify the board of directors. Following vote passage, employee earnings decrease by 12% on average, directionally consistent with previous research. However, [...]

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Governing Environmental Issues Through Indicators

This paper explores the role played by indicators in relation to the protection of the environment. It tries to seize the potential they offer to steer global environmental issues. Indeed, indicators are a salient mean to quantify, measure and assess all kind of developments. Designed by either public or private actors, their characteristics and the [...]

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CEO Power, Levels of Institutional Discretion, and CSR Choice

Based on a large international sample, we show how decision-making power of CEOs in conjunction with prevailing institutional discretion relates to corporate resources allocated towards CSR strategy. First, especially in environments with greater institutional discretion, powerful CEOs pursue exaggerated CSR strategies aiming at reputational gains for their private benefit, while not necessarily bearing the costs [...]

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Social disclosures in private corporations

Globally, there is a growing interest in using disclosure rules in corporate and securities law to achieve social policy goals. The blending of corporate law with social issues is a transformation of disclosure obligations, which have traditionally focused on reducing information asymmetries and instilling confidence in the market. At the same time, the amalgamation of [...]

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