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Investment Professionals’ Use of Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosures

We conduct an experiment to examine investment professionals’ use of corporate social responsibility (CSR) disclosures when making personal investment decisions or investment recommendations to clients. We predict and find that investment professionals are more willing to personally invest and recommend investment to a client when a firm discloses positive CSR performance than when it makes [...]

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Institutional investors’ voting habits

Shareholders exert significant influence on the social and environmental behavior of U.S. corporations. Shareholders vote on social and environmental resolutions, which I refer to as ‘social responsibility resolutions,’ that are put forward at corporations. The success or failure of social responsibility resolutions influences the social and environmental behavior of those corporations. The largest shareholders are [...]

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Institutional Ownership and Corporate Social Responsibility: The Non-Linear Relation and its Implication for Stock Return Volatility

This study examines the relation between corporate social responsibility (CSR) and institutional investor ownership, and the impact of this relation on stock return volatility. We find that institutional ownership does not strictly increase or decrease in CSR; rather, institutional ownership is a concave function of CSR. This evidence suggests that institutional investors do not see [...]

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