Governmental and scientific news and insights on investor oriented environmental, social, and governance (ESG) data.

Is Socially Responsible Investing A Luxury Good?

We investigate the time variability of abnormal returns from socially responsible investing (SRI) utilizing firm-level data on corporate social responsibility ratings. While firms with high ratings have marginally higher average alphas than those with low ratings, these alphas are time varying, with high-ranked stocks significantly outperforming low-ranked ones during good economic times, but significantly underperforming [...]

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Eurosif’s SRI Study 2016 launched

The 7th edition of the Study highlights the scale of Sustainable and Responsible Investment practices and trends in Europe and across 13 European countries. For the first time, the Study provides new detailed insights on Exclusions, Impact Investing and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) integration practices. Some of the Study’s most important findings include, among [...]

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Sustainability Rating – Credit Rating – Approaching the Legal Perspective

Sustainability rating has been developed and shaped by actors within financial markets. Any analytical and systematic approach to the sustainability rating sector has been facing mainly a mélange of descriptions, statements and business practices of the market players involved. The research question of this paper is to explore whether legal aspects of European credit rating-based [...]

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Large US Study of Responsible Investing

The Council on Foundations-Commonfund Study of Responsible Investing, believed to be the largest of its kind, provides foundations with invaluable insights into how the sector and individual portfolios are being shaped by responsible investing practices, potential hurdles to their adoption, and what the entry points are for those interested in fully engaging these practices in [...]

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Socially Responsible Investing: Data-Driven Decision Making

Socially responsible investing (SRI) is an investment process that screens investment opportunities based on ethical, social, corporate governance, or environmental. SRI has been growing rapidly; total U.S.-domiciled SRI-managed assets increased from $3.74 trillion in 2012 to $6.57 trillion in 2014. The growth of SRI puts it in a position to encourage sustainability as such firms [...]

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