Welcome to an interesting afternoon at Scion DTU Research Park, where we host a science based course in how companies can optimise the usefulness of their sustainability report; not the least by incorporating the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We will provide you with practical tools, and inspire you by showing you some of the best – and worst – international solutions.


• Introduction to the UN’s SDGs

• Sustainability indicators and the SDGs

  •        How to figure out, which of the SDGs to track?
  •        How should we measure and report on the SDGs in a useful way?
  •        Can we use some of the things we already do?
  •        Examples of good – and some not so useful – solutions

• Presentation of an analysis of Denmark’s largest listed companies’ sustainability reports 2015 compared to the 100 largest in the world. What are Danish companies good at – and where are the opportunities for improvement?


  • Date: Thursday 5. January 2017
  • Time: 13.00 -16.00
  • Place: Scion DTU, Diplomvej 381, 2800 Lyngby, Denmark
  • Price: 3,850 DKK excl. VAT
  • Registration deadline: Thursday 29. December 2016
  • Target group: Sustainability rapporteurs in large and small companies
  • Course learning outcomes: Practical tools and advices on how you can optimise your sustainability report by incorporating the SDGs, and what are good and less-useful KPIs. Insights into what the sustainability reporting tendencies are in Denmark and in the world
  • Instructor: Jane Thostrup Jagd, PhD, Lead Researcher, ESG Insight
  • To register: Please, forward an email to jagd@esginsight.dk.