It is with much pleasure that we can announce that the think tank, Center for ESG Research, now has been established, with Dr. Jagd as the CEO, Lead Researcher.

The think tank was founded in February 2017 at Scion DTU, and has this board:

  • Chairman, Birgitte Mogensen – State authorised auditor and Chairman for the Danish Auditor Association’s (FSR) CSR team, as well as owner of Board Management
  • Lars Frederiksen – Chairman of the Committee for Corporate Governance, as well as the Chairman of the Board and a member of a number of boards
  • Michael Zöllner – Business Director of Denmark’s Green Investment Fund
  • Else Nyvang – Member Director of LD, and member of various boards and representatives
  • Esben Høstager – Director, HØSTAGER | SOLO. Former long-term Senior Partner in Jøp, Ove & Myrthu A/S, as well as Communications Director in two of Denmark’s largest financial  companies.

The first project for the think tank is to develop a range of ESG and integrated ratios and standard notes to be included in the Nordic CFA’s coming digital version of the well-known ratio guideline: “Recommendations & Ratios”

But do read more about the think tank and the project here in an article in (in Danish) – or go and visit the think tank’s homepage here