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Wolrd Bank Policy Research: How Do Multinationals Report Their Economic, Social, and Environmental Impacts?

This paper examines the role of multinational enterprises in sustainability reporting. The study assesses how multinational enterprise status correlates with a company's average disclosure rate and probability of reporting on economic, labor and social, environmental, and governance indicators. It uses a unique data set that offers company-level information on sustainability reporting from the Global Reporting [...]

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Does gender diversity on corporate boards reduce information asymmetry in equity markets?

We examine the impact of board gender diversity on information asymmetry using a data panel of 531 firm-year observations of companies listed on the Spanish Stock Exchange in the period 2004–2009. To estimate the perception in the financial markets of the adverse selection that exists between informed and uninformed traders, we compute various market microstructure [...]

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Ownership Structure and the Demand for Auditor Quality

We examine the effect of ownership structure on the demand for high quality auditors. Prior literature indicates that the demand functions for auditors may be different in private companies than in public companies due in part to more significant agency costs for public companies. Using data from publicly traded and privately owned banks of comparable [...]

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