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The Effects of Environmental, Social and Governance Disclosures and Performance on Firm Value: A Review of the Literature in Accounting and Finance

This paper not only attempts to survey the burgeoning literature on environmental, social and governance disclosures and performance and their effects on firm value, but its focus also lies on highlighting stylised observations coming from the most recent work that has not yet become part of the ‘conventional wisdom’ in the field. In addition, it [...]

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CSR reports are superfluous unless accompanied by third-party assurance

The credibility of corporate social responsibility (CSR) reports is contingent on social and legal institutions. Based on a comprehensive sample of CSR reports in Taiwan, where legal environment and reputational concerns are weaker than in the U.S., we find that CSR reports do not in general help prevent future CSR-related high-profile misconduct or mitigate investors’ [...]

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